20/10/2017 19:44:56
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My name is Harry Ingleworth, also known as LoyalInvest within the online investment world. I have been a Forex trader for a few years and recently (about 2 years ago) I decided to give it a shot at crypto currencies. After a small "adjustment period", I found out this could work as my sole focus so I quit Forex. Since then, I have been trading crypto currencies very successfully.

After discussing with my partner Kai and a few other friends from the industry, we found out that people are adopting crypto currency at a very high pace. Many of them also try trading by themselves but end up losing their funds due to lack of experience. We then decided to put our expertise at the service of everyone interested - so we created Loyal Crypto.

We now use our technical trading knowledge, fundamental analysis and market sentiment to offer our investor daily returns on their investments.