20/10/2017 19:45:38
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LoyalCrypto is an investment platform that offers daily variable returns on your investment.
Yes, creating an account is completely free.
Yes, this is completely legal. We work as a trading fund under the United Kingdom laws.
No, you can directly register with us. Please note that by doing this you will be automatically assigned as a sponsor the main account.
No, multiple account are penalized and might end up to account termination. If you feel in the need to create than more than account, you should contact us first stating why you would need more than one account.
All personal information is safely stored and encrypted and will not be shared to anybody, as stated in our Privacy Policy.
Accounts will be suspended/terminated if they infringe our terms and conditions. Please read them in order to avoid account suspension.
No, we are an investment site, so you will earn from your invested money. Referring people and earning from them is just an extra bonus.
Your investment will be active until a ROI of 120% has been made, meaning that if you invested $100, your investment will be active until you have recovered $120 ($100 being your original investment, and $20 the profit).
PerfectMoney purchases are credited automatically after deposit, Bitcoin and Litecoin will be shown after 3 network confirmations.
Minimum investment is $25, you can also compound from $5.
Minimum cashout is $1.
Changing your payment processor addresses will be only available through our support. This is just a security reason to keep your account safe.
Withdrawals are processed in a maximum of 6 hours, this is strictly for security reasons.
Deposits through Bitcoin and Litecoin do not incur any fees, PerfectMoney deposits incur a 1% fee. Bitcoin withdrawals will incur a 1% fee
Please use the "Contact" page to send us your question. One of our support staff will answer within 24 hours.